The Best Top Water Bait Colors For Bass Fishing

The Best Top Water Bait Colors For Bass Fishing

Top Water Bass Fishing

If you ask 100 anglers what their favorite bite to get is while bass fishing, 99 of them will answer; The Top Water Bite. (Probably)

Bass fishing can be difficult enough, so there is no reason to over complicate it on wondering which colors you need to have tied on. If you're shopping online or you're at your favorite tackle shop at the marina, you might find yourself looking at multiple different colors in the exact same bait. Now, there can be reasons to adjust colors slightly when the conditions present their selves, but lets be honest bass are dumb, and react to their surroundings. 


Color Number 1: 

White. White is a classic tired and true color for bass fishing, and pretty much any species you're targeting. But when it comes to top water, why does white work so well? The short answer is that most fish have white bellies. And since we are talking about top water baits, bass are obviously going to be looking up at your lure! Largemouth bass are aggressive predators, looking for easy meals. So using a top water bait that is white, will appear to be a smaller injured bait fish to be an easy meal! White is the perfect color to start with any time you're targeting top water bites. 


Color Number 2: 

Black: For the same reason why black and blue jigs work so well in dirty or stained water, a black top water bait helps you get tough top water bites


Some may argue that chrome is one of the best top water lure colors to use, and they might have a good argument as well. But if you're new to bass fishing, or just need a little help getting a top water bite, white or black will give you some pretty good odds for a big top water blow up. 


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