How to sell your hand tied baits online

How to sell your hand tied baits online

Starting to sell hand-made lures on Shopify involves the following steps:

  1. Set up a Shopify store: Sign up for a Shopify account and create your online store by selecting a domain name, customizing your design and theme, and setting up your payment and shipping options.

  2. Create your products: Add detailed descriptions and high-quality images of your hand-made lures to your Shopify store. Make sure to include product specifications, such as size and weight, and any other relevant information that will help customers make an informed purchase.

  3. Set up a payment gateway: Shopify integrates with many payment gateways, so choose one that meets your needs and set it up in your Shopify store.

  4. Promote your store: Share your store link on social media platforms, reach out to fishing communities, and participate in online fishing forums to let people know about your hand-made lures.

  5. Fulfill orders: When an order is placed, fulfill it by shipping the product to the customer. You can use Shopify's shipping and tracking features to manage your orders.

  6. Monitor sales and customer feedback: Use Shopify's analytics and customer feedback tools to track your sales and get insights into customer preferences. Use this information to improve your product offerings and customer experience.

By following these steps, you can successfully sell your hand-made lures on Shopify and reach a wider audience.


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