5 Baits to catch Bass in July!

5 Baits to catch Bass in July!

5 Baits to Catch Largemouth Bass in July

July is a prime month for bass fishing enthusiasts, especially those targeting largemouth bass. As the summer heat sets in, bass behavior changes, and so should your bait selection. Here are five top baits that can help you reel in that trophy bass during the hot month of July.

1. Topwater Frogs

Topwater frogs are a go-to bait for July bass fishing. As the temperature rises, bass often seek cover in shaded areas, such as lily pads and thick vegetation. A topwater frog mimics a real frog or other small creatures skimming the water's surface, enticing bass to strike.

How to Use: Cast the frog bait into dense cover and use a slow, twitching retrieve to mimic a frog's natural movement. Pausing occasionally can trigger explosive strikes from lurking bass.

2. Texas-Rigged Soft Plastics

Soft plastics, especially those rigged Texas-style, are incredibly effective in the summer months. They can be rigged weedless, allowing you to fish through heavy cover where big bass hide.

How to Use: Use a bullet weight to help the bait sink quickly and work it slowly along the bottom. The key is to keep the bait in the strike zone for as long as possible, giving bass ample opportunity to bite.

3. Crankbaits

Crankbaits are versatile lures that can cover a lot of water quickly, making them ideal for locating active bass. In July, bass often move deeper to find cooler water, and crankbaits can reach those depths.

How to Use: Choose a deep-diving crankbait and use a steady retrieve to maintain the desired depth. Vary your retrieval speed to mimic the erratic movement of baitfish, which can trigger reaction strikes from bass.

4. Jigs

Jigs are another excellent choice for summer bass fishing. They can be fished in various conditions, from deep water to heavy cover, making them a highly adaptable bait.

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How to Use: Pair your jig with a soft plastic trailer to add bulk and action. Pitch or flip the jig into structure such as docks, logs, or vegetation. A slow, hopping retrieve can entice bass to bite, especially in shaded areas.

5. Spinnerbaits

Spinnerbaits are known for their flash and vibration, which can attract bass from a distance. In July, when bass are more spread out, a spinnerbait can help you cover water efficiently and locate fish.

How to Use: Cast the spinnerbait parallel to the shoreline or structure and use a steady retrieve. The blades create a lot of commotion, imitating a school of baitfish and drawing in curious bass.

Tips for Successful July Bass Fishing

  1. Fish Early and Late: The cooler temperatures of early morning and late evening are when bass are most active. Plan your fishing trips around these times for the best results.

  2. Focus on Shaded Areas: During the heat of the day, bass seek refuge in shaded areas. Target structures like docks, overhanging trees, and vegetation to find hiding bass.

  3. Stay Hydrated: July's heat can be intense. Make sure to stay hydrated and take breaks as needed to avoid heat exhaustion.


Catching largemouth bass in July can be challenging due to the heat and changing bass behavior. However, with the right baits and techniques, you can increase your chances of landing that big one. Topwater frogs, Texas-rigged soft plastics, crankbaits, jigs, and spinnerbaits are all excellent choices for this time of year. Remember to fish during the cooler parts of the day and focus on shaded areas to find the most active bass. Happy fishing!

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